Who Is Bill Halter

Bill Halter is a multi- millionarie who came back to Arkansas to buy the Lt. Governor's office in Arkansas after living out of state for the last 25 years.


"Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Bill Halter loaned his campaign $270,000 a week before the June 13 runoff election in which he defeated state Sen. Tim Wooldridge of Paragould, according to his latest campaign finance report.  That increased the amount that the North Little Rock business consultant has loaned his primary and runoff campaigns to $1.17 million." Quote from "Halter tops $1 million in primary, runoff races by Michael Wickline Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, August 8, 06


"Halter lived out of state most of the past 25 years, going to college, working in President Clintonís administration, and engaging in private business." Quote from "Judge given arguments on candidate's residency by Michael Wickline, Democrat Gazette, May 16, 06     http://www.nwanews.com/adg/News/154850/


Halter's eligibility for Lt. Governor was challenged in court by Halter's Democratic opponent.  Below are some of the points made in that press release which can be found at this lin on Arkansas Times blog:  http://www.arktimes.com/blogs/arkansasblog/2006/04/pritt_to_challenge_halter.aspx




        According to a letter from the Dean at Stanford University, onJanuary 20, 2003, Mr. Halter is listed as a resident of Washington, D.C., not Arkansas. His name is given as: Mr. William A Halter, Stanford University, Board of Trustees, Washington, D.C.  http://deansnewsletter.stanford.edu/archive/01_20_03.html


        Furthermore, according to Halterís official biography with the Social Security Administration, he lists himself as a native, but not a resident of North Little Rock, Arkansas. "Mr. Halter is 39 years old and a native of North Little Rock, Arkansas"  http://www.ssa.gov/history/halter.html


        According to various press releases within the last seven years timeframe, found on the internet detail Mr. Halterís activities at Threshold Pharmaceuticals in Redwood City, California, Stanford University in California, the Social Security Administration in Washington, D.C., Akami Technologies in Massachusetts. (Now Halter says in a press release that  he never lived a day in California other than the time he spend going  to school at Stanford)


        Although Mr. Halter may have owned land in Arkansas and registered to vote here, he did not maintain a constant residence. Furthermore, his involvement in business and social means were in other states, not in Arkansas. Therefore, he has not resided in Arkansas the proper amount of time to be a legitimate candidate for Lt. Governor in Arkansas.


        Pritt says he also understands that Halter attempted to claim the Homestead Exemption Act on his taxes when residing in Washington, D.C. Pritt says this is indicative of the fact that Halter saw himself as a resident in D.C., not Arkansas.